(As of Oct 1, 2013)

Corporate Philosophy

To mark the start of the Company’s new structure, we have formulated a new Corporate Philosophy that incorporates the ideals and ethos of both AOC Holdings and the former Fuji Oil Company.

  • Ensure stable supplies of energy
  • Maintain safety and protect the global environment
  • Work for the benefit of all stakeholders
  • Create energetic and motivating workplaces

Charter of Corporate Behavior

In order to realize the ideals of this Corporate Philosophy, the Company has formulated a Charter of Corporate Behavior to be followed by all the Group’s employees.

Stable Supply

We are committed to ensuring a stable supply of energy such as petroleum products.

Safe Operations and Environmental Protection

We strive to make high-quality petroleum products and develop energy resources while ensuring safe operations. We also promote awareness of environmental protection and actively implement voluntary measures to tackle environmental issues.

Social Contribution

We actively engage in philanthropic and other activities of social benefit and strive to contribute to the development of society. As a member of the international community, we respect the culture, religion, customs and languages of each nation or area where we operate and endeavor to contribute to their development.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Rules

We comply with laws, regulations and rules related to our activities, both domestically and overseas, and conduct ourselves in a socially responsible manner in accordance with ethical standards.

Rejection of Antisocial Groups

We reject all contact with antisocial groups that threaten peace and order in society.

Improving Communication

We conduct wide-reaching communication with members of society such as shareholders, customers and local citizens and disclose corporate information actively and fairly.

Respect for Employees' Individuality and Differences

We strive to develop our employees' skills and respect their personality and individuality. We also promote safe and comfortable working conditions and work to ensure the physical and mental well-being of our employees.

Resolution of Problems

The highest level of management is responsible for implementing the Charter of Corporate Behavior and for taking all necessary actions to promote awareness of the charter throughout the Group. In the event of any violation of the principles of this charter, management investigates the cause of the violation, develops measures to prevent recurrence and makes information publicly available regarding remedial measures. Following prompt public disclosure of appropriate information regarding the violation, responsibility for the violation and its effects are clarified and disciplinary actions taken, which includes input from the highest level of management where necessary.