Apr. 1964

FOC established with investment from AOC, Tokyo Electric Power Company (now Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings), Sumitomo Chemical, Nippon Mining (now ENEOS)and other companies

Aug. 1966

FOC becomes part of Kyodo Oil Group (now ENEOS)

Oct. 1968 Sodegaura Refinery starts operations (processing capacity of 70,000bbl/day)
Nov. 1970 New facilities at Sodegaura Refinery begin operations (second phase of expansion)
Oct. 1974 New facilities at Sodegaura Refinery begin operations (third phase of expansion)
Dec. 1982 Nakasode Crude Storage Base completed
Jul. 1993 Benzene production unit and xylene production unit begin operation
Apr. 1996 Sodegaura Refinery secures ISO 9002 certification (international standard for quality assurance and quality management systems)
Oct. 1998 Sodegaura Refinery processing capacity increased (192,000bbl/day)
Mar. 1999 Sodegaura Refinery secures ISO 14001 certification (international standard for environmental management systems)
Apr. 2002 Sodegaura Refinery secures ISO 9001 certification (international standard for quality management systems)
Jan. 2003

Joint holding company AOC Holdings established through a share transfer between Fuji Oil and Arabian Oil
AOC Holdings lists common stock on Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange

Apr. 2004 AOC Holdings common stock delisted from Osaka Securities Exchange

Oct. 2005

Supply of petroleum products to Showa Shell Sekiyu (now Idemitsu Kosan) begins

Jun. 2006

Supply of petroleum products to Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd. (now Japan Airlines) and Kyushu Oil Co., Ltd. (now ENEOS) begins

Nov. 2010 Sodegaura Refinery processing capacity reduced (140,000bbl/day)
Apr. 2011 Sodegaura Refinery processing capacity increased (143,000bbl/day)
Oct. 2013 AOC Holdings merges with subsidiary Fuji Oil, begins trading under Fuji Oil name