A Quick Guide to Fuji Oil

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Fuji Oil’s Characteristics and Strengths

Making the most of the Sodegaura Refinery’s prime location

The view overlooking the Sodegaura Refinery from elevated ground offers a breathtaking sight. Beautiful Tokyo Bay stretches out in front, revealing the refinery’s perfect position. The strengths of the refinery and the role it plays become immediately clear.

Making the most of the Sodegaura Refinery’s prime location

Adjacent to the refinery lies Sumitomo Chiba Works.
The refinery is connected to the Works via pipeline, which allows us to supply them with petrochemical feedstocks efficiently.

Looking further across the inner bay, two other features of the refinery’s position quickly come to light. One is the skyscrapers of metropolitan Tokyo lined up in the distance to the right, highlighting the refinery's proximity to a vast market for its products. The other is the refinery's access to export routes, as well as import routes.

In this way, the Sodegaura Refinery’s prime location allows us to respond flexibly to demand trends both in Japan and overseas.

Fuji Oil Sodegaura Refinery

A strong and stable client base

Fuji Oil interacts with a wide range of clients. One of our distinctive strengths is the solid and powerful client relationships we have built up over time by leveraging our refinery’s prime location.
Our value chain, anchored by this strong client base, represents a significant barrier to competitors.
We supply petroleum products to some of Japan’s leading companies, including fuel products to Idemitsu Kosan, ENEOS, and Japan Airlines.
We also supply fuel oil to the JERA Group, naphtha to Sumitomo Chemical, and petroleum pitch to Nippon Steel’s steelworks.
Our strong links with these leading Japanese companies underpin lasting and stable business relationships, resulting in an operating structure with minimal exposure to sales risk.

A strong and stable client base