Since beginning operations at the Sodegaura Refinery in 1968, Fuji Oil Company, Ltd., has striven to elevate the company as a whole, while following a fundamental principle of "ensuring safety and protecting the environment."

Environmental Management System

Fuji Oil Company, Ltd. (FOC) has established the Environmental Management System at the Sodegaura Refinery, for which FOC obtained ISO14001 certification, and has been continuously and systematically undertaking improvement of the environment. Also, FOC is making eco-friendly products and extending considerations to energy-saving, prevention of air and water pollution and reduction of waste materials. This system is continuously reviewed and improved.

Supply of Eco-friendly Products

FOC is supplying such eco-friendly petroleum products to minimize the environment impact while satisfying the specifications required by customers. Having made necessary modifications to the production facilities, FOC has already started, ahead of the regulations, delivery of "sulfur-free" (max. 10 ppm) fuel products such as gasoline and gas oil in order to reduce SOx, NOx and PM.

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCC)
Reducing output of heavy fuel, increasing production of gasoline

Gasoline: content of sulfur, etc.
2000 Benzene: Max 1%
2002 Premium Gasoline
Sulfur: Max 10 ppm
2005 Regular Gasoline Sulfur: Max 10 ppm
2010 Supplying bio-gasoline

Gas Oil Hydrodesulfurization Unit
To remove sulfur from gas oil for reduction of SOx, NOx and PM

Gas Oil: content of sulfur
1997 Max 500 ppm
2003 Max 50 ppm
2005 Max 10 ppm

Vacuum Residue Thermal Cracking Unit
To produce low sulfur fuel oil and petroleum pitch by thermal-cracking of vacuum residue (asphalt fraction)

Low Sulfur Fuel Oil (High Pour Point)
Low sulfur fuel oil (Sulfur Max 0.1%) is supplied to prevent air pollution.
Petroleum pitch
Heavy oil (asphalt) is converted to low-sulfur fuel through cracking. Petroleum pitch is also produced. Petroleum pitch is used as a boiler fuel and as a feedstock for coke used in the steel industry.

Minimization of Environmental Impact

As part of wider efforts to protect the environment, the Sodegaura Refinery is implementing ongoing initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its business operations.

Prevention of Air Pollution Severe restriction on emissions of SOx , NOx , etc.
Prevention of Water Pollution and Conservation of Water Resources Purification of waste water with various water treatment facilities and recycling of industrial-use water.
Control of Chemical Substances Adequate management of specified chemical substances, production of hazardous chemicals like benzene in sealed-structured facilities and the reduction in emissions of volatile organic compounds by stocking them in a storage tanks with its roof floating inside the tank.
Reduction and Recycling of Waste Material A large reduction of waste materials by 94% in fiscal 2010 compared with the fiscal 1990 level (more than 95% of the target is already achieved) and thoroughgoing recycling and reuse of resources.
Prevention of Oil Seepage in the Ocean Installation of detector and tank dike against oil spill, procurement of oil spill response equipment and frequent participation in training.